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Smyth of Nibley Papers, Smyth, 17 Doc in Big apple General public Library. Autograph Letter, Signed List of Records No. 182 Sr tomorow by gods leaue shall I paye yō a a hundredɫi at leste right before at seuerall periods ninety five ye relaxation wth all spede shall be sent in as I haue agred wth yor person. so yt wth in 10 dayes I hope to pay vnto yō 300ɫi with yt allredi payd now yf yō mene we shall Cari heyfares ouer it wer good yō sote to hier a flemish hoye to Cari sum & yf it mit be in ani resonable mesuer I would haue 3 mares wch would be of gret youse especialli yf we went on herewth a blome smith at ye to start with for heyron as mr brian thinketh it in shape we should always. he I hop will go & I dout not but we shall have Guys mor then we ned do yor very best at london for kine & all advantages of letter or what else for ouer great. mr pallet will Com to yō I pray yō fornish him with all nedfull points for fesike or sorgerie, for all times is a lot more der than gould lether for lining and stokins of lether I hop yō will prouid. What could possibly be had too at bristo ned not be bout ther as linen & wolen & vitel wth vinds and whod watars. I intret yō carry my paten wth yō what yō lay out I can pay. let it not be knowen we gayne so yō might get sumthing for yor selfe & sum for me It's going to be gayne for vs I haue mad menes to ye ladi delaware to bie or borrowe these things as she may possibly fance her honors land lieth nex to ouers by gods blesin we shall do very well god grant we may possibly labouer to gayne it mor for ye soule then ye bodi by all menes let me intret yō to tak ye tobaco wholi to yō.

English Record Manuscripts, c. four, new No., Ms. 29724, folio three Document in Bodleian Library, Oxford University List of Records No. 14 Honoble Sr vp̃about the returne of the last Fleete of Shipps wch brought my Lord La Warr (our Lord Governour & Captaine Generall,) into this Countrie; I did not not forbeare to problem yor noble tolerance Wth examining vnworthy & fruitles Strains, & Whilst at this p̢despatched I am little or practically nothing greater furnished wth any matter of valew, either for discovery of Mynes, or should els truly worth your Understanding, however Once i take into account yor a lot of and noble favours in direction of me (wch Once i forgett to accept, allow me to for at any time be putt outside of yor remembrance) I assumed superior to wright a thing, if but thus to p̢serve my humble services in yor honovred memory. For your p̢sent state & condic̃on of this Countrie, it desires only Sup- portes, round & totally free provides, each of Males & moneyes, to make great the mayne & p̳fitable endes of a moste satisfied plantation. In regards to the Countrie & the soile thereof, wee finde it fertile & filled with encrease, bringing forth goodly Corne, numerous kinde of Fruites, naturall Vines & rapidly rendring vs our owne Countrie seedes, & Rootes wch wee bury therein, as prosperous & unchangeable for tast and quantitie as England it selfe For these Com̃odities of pitch & tarr Soape ashases, Wood Iron &c. most legitimate it truly is Noble Sr, that there they bee most plentifully to bee returned household, if soe bee it the meanes & skilfull workemen alongside one another wth fitt p̳visions for people Labourers (vntill the Colour might quitt some of theis Charges, by planting their owne Vines, sowing their owne Corne, & broodinge their owne Cattaile, Kine, Swine, Goates &c. wch would shortly be, & had bin ere this, had the Governmt bin diligently & Actually estab- lished & carried below theis three yeres passed) might be supplied & sent around to worke in All those companies.

On the subject of bringing smooth type to your automobile, almost nothing does the job like AMI Iconic Hitch Covers. Designed from 6061-T6 plane aluminum in a variety of variations, these hitch covers bring the perfect mixture of energy and elegance.

Towards the wife of Richard Godfry loaned to her at seu9all tymes considering that her husbands dep̱ture in offer of her wantℯ, wch will be to be repayd viijɫ

A "Main Cost" is analogous to your deposit you could possibly pay for a can or bottle of soda. In several states, to advertise recycling, you are billed a deposit when you buy a can of soda and you receive your deposit again when you return the vacant can.

narrower than other at 19w X 22t X 39d. Either side have 10″ of more dropped storage just inside the doorways. Driving one of the partitions, inside the storage compartment, the WFCO one hundred amp converter/charger, water pump, and the 12 gallon water heater tank are mounted.

[15] A Declaration in the Provides intended to be sent to Virginia, With this yeare 1620. By his Maiesties Counseil for Virginia. eighteen. Iulij 1620. While the appropriate Honourable, Henry Earle of Southampton, with the aduise and consent of your Counseil and Firm for Virginia, hath re- solued and concluded to imploy all superior meanes On this current yeare, 1620. not onely for that aduancing with the Plantation in toughness and multi- tude of good people today, but also for the enriching thereof with shop of cattell of diuers kinds, and by environment vp or encreasing these types of Staple Commodities, as being good for that Countrey, may be also of most essential vse for this Realme, and redound in fantastic to the greatest advantage of both equally Aduen- turors and Planters, and Last of all [16] to the developing there of these kinds of superior Gouernment (at first deriued with the Kings most outstanding Maiestie, the primary and chiefe Founding father of this superb worke) as whereby the persons there, diuided in soyle onely, but nonetheless taking part in the spiritual and joyful gouernment of the their natiue Countrey, might carry on alwayes as a single and the identical men and women with vs, based on the most Princely direc- tion of his Maiestie: We haue believed it extremely necessarie for your seconding and forwarding of These so noble Designes, not onely to publish them for the Aduenturors in generall, therefore to inuite them to concurre with vs in precisely the same, but additionally to set downe this kind of particularities requisite, as whereby the preparations of all sorts needfull, might vpon this well timed warning, the two far better and even more seasonably be created and compassed. 1st thus we haue assumed healthy, to really make it publikely knowne, that In addition to the great shop of specific Plantations now in prouiding, and like pretty Soon in substantial proportion to enhance, the Company haue resolued in a late generall Court, because of the blessing of God, to established out this yeere within the publike demand, and also to mail to Virginia, eight hundred choise persons, of the qualities ensuing: To start with, foure hundred, to generally be Tenants of the general land of the organization, to produce vp the amount of Those people Tenants ful five hundred. wherof 200. to be placed at Elizabeth Citie, with the Companies Deputie: 100.

I'm mindful of quite a few scenarios the place Marc plus the Dutchmen crew have stepped up and dealt with them and turned a nasty condition right into a superior 1. So we shouldn’t belittle those that have authentic difficulties. Without them, the product or service gained’t boost.

Mine always goes in on the list of criss cross chain slots. I suppose should you hooked it to the bumper who's to say the bumper wont tumble off 1st??? who's to say the frame under the mattress will probably tumble off 1st... Received to 50 %-way rely on one thing...

than for advancing of them into superior Programs and therein to help them by all superior usually means We further more hereby ordain that to all these types of with the stated specific as shall definitely completely observe the orders Afore and hereafter specified there be alotted and established out about and higher than Our previous Grants One particular hundred Acres of glebe land to the Minister of every and fifteen hundred Acres of Burough Land for the public use of your said Plantation Not intending however hereby possibly to abridge or enlarge these types of grant of glebe or prevalent Land as shall be produced in any of our grants in crafting to any with the explained certain planta- tions We also will and ordain that the like proportion of maintenance out of your and revenue on the Earth be created for the quite a few Ministers in the stated individual Plantations as are ahead of established down with the Ministers with the explained former Cities and burroughs We're going to and ordain the Governor In the meanwhile and the reported Council of Estate do justly conduct or result in being carried out all this kind of grants Covenants and Article content as have or shall be in crafting within our fantastic and general Quarter Courts to any with the reported unique Plantations Declaring all other grants of Lands in Virginia not manufactured in one of our great and standard Quarter Courts by power of his Majesties Letters patents to generally be void And also to the End aforesaid We're going to and ordain that each one our grants in composing under our seal made inside our wonderful and common Quarter Courts be Entered into your data to be retained there in Virginia But directly forbiding that a Constitution of Land granted to Captain Samuel Argal and his Associates bearing date the twentieth of March 1616 be entered in your Documents or usually in the slightest degree revered forasmuch as exactly the same was attained by slight and cunning And Later on upon suffering him to go Governor of Virginia was by his have voluntary act remaining within our Custody to become cancelled on Grant of a brand new Charter which one

Smyth of Nibley Papers, Smyth, three (5), pp. 59, sixty Doc in the Ny Community Library List of Information No. 124 [59] To all xr̃ian individuals to whom theis p̢sentℯ shall come wee Sr Wilɫm Throkm9ton of Clowerwall while in the county of Glouc̃ knight and baronet, Richard Berkeley of Stoke Gifford while in the claimed County, Esq̢ George Thorpe of Waneswell during the claimed County, Esq̢ and Iohn Smyth of Northnibly inside the stated county gent doe mail greetinge. Wheras wee the explained Sr Wilɫm Richard George and Iohn doe intend within ten dayes future for the farthest to ship 1 ship furnished known as the Margaret, As well as in her thirty Adult men or therabouts for plantac̃on inside the land of Virginia, and exactly the same number of Adult men to improve at other subsequent voyages & returnes of the claimed ship or Another, and there to erect and establish a towne to get referred to as Barkley and to settle and plant our claimed Adult men and dyu9s other inhabitants there, to the honor of allmighty god, the inlargeinge of xr̃ian faith and also to the augmentac̃on and renowne of the generall plantac̃on in that cuntry, plus the p̱ticular great and revenue of ourselves Adult males and servants as wee hope. And wheras also for the higher orderinge and governement as well of our our explained individuals and Adult men nowe able to bee shipped and of people who shall hereafter bee sent in augmentac̃on in their quantity, and fower Some others presently there, as also of our affaires and busines of what form soever in that Cuntry happeninge or arisinge, wee have agreed wth Cap- tayne Iohn Woodleefe of Prestwood while in the County of Buckingham Esq̢, to consider vpon him the labor treatment charge oversight and governmt the two of our said Gentlemen and businesses (aswell p̢despatched as future) to bee directed to him. Nowe knowe yee That wee the claimed Sr Wilɫm Throkm9ton Richard Berkeley George Thorpe and Iohn Smyth by vertue and force of your authority and electrical power specified vnto vs in and by one particular Indenture bearinge day the third working day of ffebruary final past ahead of the date hereof built to vs and Sr George Yardley knight nowe governor of Virginia, through the Treasorer and enterprise of adventurers and planters of the town of London for the very first Collony in Virginia with the recommend and consent from the counsell of the same, Have nomynated and appoynted And [sixty] by theis p̢despatchedℯ as farre as in vs lyeth doe nomynate authorize and appoynt the mentioned Captayne Iohn Woodleefe to generally be Captayne and governor of our mentioned persons and servants to p̱forme and execute the stated Office environment and authority of Captayne and governor by and accordinge to the ability and authority vnto vs supplied from the stated Indenture with the Treasorer and company of Virginia aforesaid, and accordinge on the ordinances Instructions and directions by vs lymited and appoynted subscribed, herewith also delyu9ed vnto him, and of this kind of other as hereafter we shall p̢scribe rather than otherwise.

A Comission granted by vs the Treasurer Counsell and Firm for Virginia vnto our loving freind Will͠m Wye for your voyage intended to Virginia Whereas wee the Treasurer Counsell and organization for Virginia for the higher advancemt and help of that plantation have wth Superb liking geven or consent to own for example have furnished out just one superior shipp known as the Garland of London of your stress of two hundred and fifty Tunnes or thereaboutℯ to passe wth all effortless expidition vnto the Colonies there planted, Will͠m Wye remaining ordeyned Mr and captaine thereof, also to com̄and and govern the reported shipp and marriners as allsoe all of the passengers aswell such as are shipped for the Somer Ilandℯ to be landed there in the voyage outward sure remaining one hundred and thirty persons in variety as allsoe these kinds of Other folks as are putt abord to get transported for the particuler plantation meant in Virginia collectively wth Individuals necessarie p̳visions of all typeℯ delivered by sundry Adventurers to the vse and supply of theyr Tenaantℯ heretofore and now to become planted in each from the said Colonies Wee doe therfore hereby Cost him to consider his direct course (according to his best talent and knowledg) vnto the claimed plantac̃ons, and initially to putt on land the reported travellers appointed with the Som̄er Ilandℯ, and to deliver them securely towards the charge of Captaine Miles Kendall Deputy Governor or to such other comaunder as he shall finde there prsent wth all their p̳visions belonging vnto them. And The remainder staying forty people to land them in Virginia, and also to com̄itt them and all very goodℯ delivered for their vse to the Governmt and disposing to start with of Wilɫm fferrar Esquire if he be there resident, if if not to your cost of captaine ffrancis Whitney Esquire now imbarqued for that voyage, and in default of each towards the com̄aund of Sr George Yardly knight Governor and Captaine generall of Virginia to be by him disposed of and imployed In keeping with these Direcc̃ons as from that's why he shalbe suggested vnto Streightly charging and comaunding the mentioned Wilɫm Wye to sett sayle from England wth the first chance of winde, and to make all probable velocity he may possibly for the portℯ intended, and not to interrupt any shipping of your subiectℯ of any his read more Maties freindℯ or allies or almost every other in any respect in the course of his said voyage.

that some forme of writinge in method of Iusti- fication of our plantation may be conceiued, and pass, (nevertheless not by publique authorytye) into lots of handes. The movement appeared to have these inducements. 1. Initial, yt it mought give adventurers, a clearnes and satisfaction, for ye Iustice of ye motion, and so stimulate them, and draw on Other people. 2. That ye Spaniard may out of this intimation moderately accumulate, yt wee vnderstood our owne situation to become such, yt the point out would neyther feare, nor be ashamed to progress in yt persecution ther of, if any System must bee held agaynst yt: and yt this Iustification of our owne title, would deterr, or at the very least retard ye Spaniard from suddayne attempting vs. And nevertheless it were sayd then; This was a lowe and impotent strategy to convey it by such a detailed scedvle; nevertheless [xx] seemt, to not want example of other points carried in yt way: and but to haue wrought ye exact same outcome, as a far more publique declaration of ye condition could doe. They wch differed from him had these motiues; one. That it conduc'd to not his initially hope of encouraging, or inciting adventurers: for, they in this poynt wanted it not, nor call for yt. That ther is way of a Confession, in euery unnessary Apology: yt to moue scruple, Particularly of Conscience, wher ther is afore quiettnes and no doubting somewhat shakes and deterrs, then settles, or confirmes.

To Will͠m Donynge for planckes and bordes purchased of him for the same ship as his Invoice and acquitance shewe xlvijs

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